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As you may already know, the marine ancillary industry is growing by the minute. In fact, every year there is a 30% increase in the volume of online sales. This is mainly due to the fact that boat owners mostly prefer to buy all the accessories and spare boat parts they need  online to carry out repairs and maintenance of their boats and yachts. 

Thinking of creating your own dropshipping online marine business? Nova Argonautica is the place to do it, thanks to our simple, effective and economical business system. Convenience is one of the biggest advantages of this method, as well as reliability and competitive prices.

Every year the sale of accessories for boats on the Internet grows more and more and this is an indisputable fact. Nova Argonautica is a wholesale supplier of nautical accessories and spare parts for boats, specialised in the supply of materials through the Internet. 

We work through a wide network of Internet distributors from different European countries and we have a spectacular software to create online shops in order to generate fluid and dynamic business. 

We offer you a unique and simple business system, which only requires a small initial investment and in a matter of 6 weeks you can have your online shop up and running so that you can start selling your products in any European country. 

In addition, you will not have to invest in stock, nor will you need to rent premises or hire specialised staff to carry out the logistics. Our Dropshipping programme will save you from doing so, as we will take care of preparing the orders and delivering them to your customers. Our distributors have optimal technical and commercial support, as well as advanced tools to obtain a good positioning on the Internet. 

If you are interested in opening an online boat store or have a physical shop and would like to make the leap to the Internet, at Nova Argonautica we offer you the possibility to do so without any headaches. All you have to do is join our partners in the marine chandlery business and start growing with a minimum investment.

The development of an online shop costs a lot of money, but our software already includes the tools you need to get your business up and running quickly. Otherwise, you would have to invest thousands of euros, but by contracting our system you can save a great deal of money.

Also, keep in mind that the results will come in a short time and you will be able to access an exceptional catalogue with more than 40,000 products in 11 languages to sell to any European country without any problem. In fact, you won’t even have to worry about investing in other issues related to personnel, warehousing or logistics operations. 

Our catalogue has all possible spare parts and spare parts for boats at the best prices and with the highest commercial margins you can imagine. 

This system also allows you to work comfortably from home without the need to invest in a shop or warehouse. Even if you already have a physical nautical shop, you will be able to include your products in stock and sell them online in order to generate new business opportunities. 

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