11 Practically working fishing boat storage ideas

11 Practically Working Fishing Boat Storage Ideas

Ideas to improve Working Fishing Boat Storage

Fishing is a very popular activity, especially when it comes to people who love spending free time outdoors. However, there are some problems like:

How will you transport your fishing equipment and fishing boat to the launch site?

Where can you store the extra stuff like an electric motor or spare battery if you don’t have enough space at home?

The following article offers some fishing boat storage ideas to help you solve these problems.


1. Fishing Rod Holders and Racks

If you love fishing but don’t have enough space in your fishing boat to store all the equipment, you should consider using fishing rod holders and racks. They allow you to store things in places where they won’t take much space.

For instance, there are multiple models of rods holders that can be used for boats or ATVs. All you need to do is attach the holder to the boat or ATV and install your rods. You can also buy a special rod rack for boats that will hold several fishing rods, allowing you to store even 10 at once.

2. Storage Cabinets and Lockers

If you are looking for fishing boat storage ideas that will allow you to store more things, storage cabinets and lockers can be a very good choice. You can buy them in any size or style, so you will definitely find models that match your boat.

3. Fishing Tackle Organizers

You may have lots of different lures, sinkers or fishing hooks that may be difficult to organize. It is not recommended to keep them in bags because they could get lost this way. The best thing you can do is use fishing tackle organizers, which are designed for holding all different types of lures and other things.

Such an organizer will help you save lots of space on your boat or ATV. It will keep all your fishing equipment organized and prevent entanglement or loss of any piece of it.

4. Waterproof Storage Bags

When you go fishing, you may need to store some things that could get wet. Many fishermen use dry bags, but we recommend waterproof storage bags as they are more practical and can be used in different situations.

They come in various sizes and styles and will surely fit your needs no matter how many items do you want to store and what type of water are you going to use. The bags are made of rubber so they won’t take much space, but at the same time will be able to protect your things from water.

5. Rope Organizer

Another very practical fishing boat storage idea is the rope organizer. If you store your rope in a normal place, it is a big chance to get tangled or damaged. The best thing you can do with this problem is to use a special rope organizer that will keep all your ropes organized and prevent entanglement or damage during storage.

Such an organizer can be very useful for storing rope and nets or other long things that are difficult to store.

6. Rear Storage Boxes

If you think there is not enough storage space on your fishing boat, for instance, for large motors or other things, we recommend using rear storage boxes. You can install them in the back of your boat, and they will provide additional storage space you may need in different situations.

There are lots of models available, and not all of them are expensive. You can also choose boxes that will fit the design and style of your boat.

7. Ski Pylon

If you love skiing, this storage idea may be very useful for you. Some fishermen install a ski pylon on their boats as it allows towing skiers or wakeboarders behind the boat. Such a pylon can be very helpful for the fishing season if you like to fish in places where there are no docks or piers.

When not in use, the pylon can be folded, so it won’t take much space at all. That means that you will be able to use it only when necessary and thus save money.

8. Rear Seating

We can say that rear seating is one of the most important fishing boat storage ideas, as with a few seats, you will be able to store lots of things. You can install seats on your boat or simply fold some of them and save more space for other purposes. This way, you can also seat more people on your boat if needed, which will be very useful in different situations.

You can find lots of different models that vary in size, colour and design. You can also install seats on the side of your boat, for instance, by the back wheel. This is where you will most likely need additional seating for when it’s time to fish or during other situations.

9. Rear Seating Cushions

If you want to make your rear seating more comfortable, you can also install storage seat cushions. This way, the seats will be even more useful as they will provide extra comfort and, at the same time, additional storage space for other items. There are lots of different models available, so you may choose one that matches the design of your boat.

In addition to the rear seats, fishermen also frequently use front passenger seats as they provide extra storage space as well as seating for more people.

10. Boat Loading Ramps

Another great fishing boat storage idea is a loading ramp that you can install on your boat. It allows easier and much safer loading and unloading of items from your fishing boat, ATV or other types of water vehicle. You can find all different types of ramps that will fit the design and style of any boat.

11. Ladder Seating

If you want to increase the number of seated passengers on your boat without using the rear seats, we recommend installing ladder seating on its side or even behind it. Such an option provides additional seating without significantly increasing the size of your fishing boat. Moreover, ladder seating can provide extra storage space for other things you want to keep on the boat.

We recommend using side ladder seating, but if this is not possible due to design or other issues, you may consider installing front ladder seating as well.


As you can see, there are lots of ways to provide more storage space on your boat without having to spend too much money on it. All fishing boats differ in size and design, so not all of these ideas may be suitable for you, but if at least some of them are, then we recommend using them as they will help you better organize different items that otherwise might get misplaced or damaged during the trip.

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