Deck boat vs pontoon: Which one to buy?

Deck Boat vs Pontoon: Which One To Buy?

You want to know which is your best option between Deck Boat vs Pontoon?

Motorboats are the most popular kind of watercraft in the world today. Boats that offer more space and stability without the need for a trailer are preferred by many people. A deck boat offers both of these things, but what about pontoon boats? Is there a difference between the two in terms of their pros and cons? Who is better off investing in one or the other? First, let’s take a look at how they differ.


Deck Boats

Deck boats are long with floors that curve up to form walls around them when viewed from above. Their decks are kept low to make it easier for passengers to walk around freely inside while preventing rainwater from entering easily. They lack propulsion propellers which means that their front end must be steered as well. A deck boat has several advantages over pontoon boats, including:

Ease of use for beginners – Deck boats are more self-sufficient than pontoons, making them convenient for first-time sailors to use on their own. –

Less affected by water conditions – All the space on a deck boat is above the waterline, so they don’t take in as much water when there’s choppy waters or strong waves. This factor makes it easier for passengers to feel safe while inside one during bad weather situations.

Lower costs than most other kinds of motorboats – There is less material used in constructing a deck boat which means that the cost of building and maintaining it is lower than other kinds of motorboats.

Style – The curved lines on a deck boat gives it a sleek aesthetic that makes it popular among the general public.

Handling – The low deck of a deck boat makes it easier for the sailors to control where they’re going when there are strong currents in the way

Ease of Handling – Deck boats are more stable, which makes them easier to control for people who are not very experienced at using motorboats.

Deck Boats have Two Engines – Unlike pontoons, deck boats have 2 engines to propel the boat forward. However, each engine only has 1 propeller. The engines of deck boats are more powerful as well than the pontoons.

Pontoon boats

Pontoon boats are like deck boats in that they’re long, but instead of having curved floors, pontoons have flat ones with two separate rooms. The two rooms don’t touch the walls around them, which means water can enter more easily if not sealed properly. Pontoon boats rely on propulsion propellers to move, and as such, their front ends must be controlled by someone as well. Some advantages pontoon boat owners may enjoy include:

More comfortable – One advantage of a pontoon boat is that it’s less affected by choppy waters and strong waves because its entire floor has room below the waterline where passengers can sit or lie down comfortably with no fear of getting wet

Resistant to damage from sea creatures and other objects – Being completely surrounded by water and having a flat floor make it less likely for sea creatures to damage the boat or for objects like branches to get stuck in its engine. If any of these obstacles do get caught, though, passengers are better protected from them.

Style and Look – The helms of a pontoon boat are much higher than those of a deck boat which makes the boat look more elegant from overhead

Versatility – The flat floor of a pontoon boat can be used for many different tasks. For example, you can lay down and sunbathe anywhere on it or put it in a grill if you want to make a barbecue.

Some disadvantages of pontoon boats include:

Higher costs than deck boats – Pontoon boats generally cost more since they require extra materials and labour time to build and maintain

Harder to control during bad weather – Since the floors on pontoons curve up into walls around them, they can take in more water which means their engines might malfunction if not handled properly during choppy waters and strong waves. Deck boats don’t take in as much water, so this doesn’t pose as much of a problem.

Which One Should You Buy?

This question is best answered by an individual who knows what they’re looking for in a boat and their own personal abilities. Deck boats seem preferable to pontoons for those who:

  • Are not very experienced using motorboats and would like to start with something easier to handle
  • Are confident at operating motorboats, especially during tough weather conditions
  • Want fewer obstacles getting to their boat like branches and sea creatures because of the low deck of a deck boat
  • Prefer versatile spaces like the flat floor of a pontoon that can be used for different purposes. If not, they may prefer the curved floors found on deck boats, which means water won’t come in as easily if not sealed properly.

You should go for pontoons if:

  • You already have enough money to afford pontoons
  • You don’t mind sacrificing the look of elegance this boat has for extra comfort and durability.
  • You don’t mind the high costs of maintaining and repairing a pontoon boat.

Things to Know Before Buying Any Kind of Boat

Regardless of which boat you buy, there are certain things that should be considered before making a purchase. If you’re planning to use the vessel for work purposes like fishing, for example, then it’s important that you know how to handle or operate it well in difficult conditions. Also, if you plan on using it for your job, then chances are that co-workers might have to come along on the boat with you.

You should also think about how many people will be going with you and if they’re all experienced enough to handle boats as well. If some of them are not, make sure, there’s room for everyone who is going out on it. Since pontoons can take in more water in case of bad weather, it’s important that everyone has life vests on. Also, if the boat is for work purposes, there needs to be room for all your equipment too.

Last but not least, you should consider whether or not the vessel will fit in your area when you buy it or if you have enough money to transport it there.


While pontoons seem to have a lot of advantages, deck boats may be a better option for those who are just starting out with motorboating. They’re easier to handle and lower, which means fewer obstacles can get in the way between you and your boat or cause damage if they do.

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