12 Safety precautions should you take when hunting from a boat

Hunting from a boat can be an exhilarating experience, but it is important to take the proper safety precautions, so you do not put yourself or others in danger. In this article, I will describe some of the basic safety measures to take while hunting from a boat.


1. Get Proper Hunting and Boating Knowledge

Before heading out on a hunting trip, it is important to get both boating and hunting licenses. This will ensure that you have the proper knowledge to take care of yourself and others while in the boat. Additionally, you should always follow the laws and regulations that pertain to your sport.

2. Wear Life Jackets

Life vests are available in many different styles and sizes, so there is likely one that perfectly suits your needs. It is important to always wear a life jacket when hunting from a boat, especially if you are traveling on the water with strong currents or whitecaps. This will ensure that everyone stays safe and afloat throughout the entire trip. Besides, it is the law in some states. Thus,  on your hunting trip, make sure to bring a life jacket on the boat and on your person.

3. Have a Buddy

It is always smart to have someone else along for the ride in case of an emergency. When hunting from a boat, it is helpful to have at least one other person with you. This way, if something happens, you will not be alone. If anything occurs on your trip – whether it’s an accident or injury – having a buddy on the boat with you will increase your chances of survival.

4. Wear Bright Clothing

If you are chasing after a game or going through the dense brush while hunting from a boat, it is always best to wear bright clothing. This way, you will be easily visible, and other boaters can see where you are in case of an accident. Additionally, the bright colors will make it easier for rescuers to find you if an emergency occurs.



5. Go with the Tide

When hunting from a boat, it is important to go with the tide when you are in an area with strong currents. This way, if something happens and someone falls overboard, they can drift into shallow water or be pushed against rocks or reefs where help will be easier to find. Additionally,  always let someone know where your hunting spot is located and how long you plan to be there.

6. Take a Break

Be sure to take breaks, so you are not tiring yourself out. Hunting from a boat is often strenuous work, so it is important to rest up once in a while. Plus, if you don’t take time away from the water now and then, you could be putting yourself in danger by falling asleep at the wheel. If you are getting tired, let your buddy know.

7. Check Weather Conditions and Sea Waters

Hunting from a boat is always more dangerous when there are heavy rains or strong winds. Besides, hunting after dark will never be safe, regardless of the weather conditions. Therefore, it is best to check with authorities before traveling out on the water if it has been raining recently and/or there may be high winds. Additionally, if you are hunting in murky waters, it is important to use a red light while on the boat to make yourself visible.

8. Bring a Cell Phone or GPS Locator

If you bring any electronics with you when hunting from a boat, make sure they are water-resistant. If anything happens to your equipment, you will still be able to call for help. Plus, if you have a GPS locator on your person, it will be easier to find someone who falls overboard or gets lost in the wilderness. Therefore, always bring an electronic device with you when hunting from a boat so you can get help should an emergency occur.

9. Load Your Boat Smartly

Load your boat according to the number of people who are taking the trip. Taking too many passengers with you on your hunting trip will increase the chance of sinking and capsizing. Thus, make sure to load your boat carefully so everyone has a place and no one is sitting or standing on top of something that could easily fall or shift.

10. Check Your Equipment Before Going Out

Before you head out on your hunting trip, check all equipment thoroughly to make sure that everything is secure and working properly. This way, if anything malfunctions or breaks while you are out on the water, you will be able to find a solution immediately instead of after an emergency occurs. Thus, if you want to be safe when hunting from a boat, always check your equipment and the weather conditions before heading out.

11. Keep Your Eyes on the Water

While hunting from a boat, it is important to keep your eyes on the water at all times. This way, if an accident does occur, you will be able to spot it immediately and provide help before it becomes deadly. Additionally, never leave another person behind – whether they are injured or not. Even if someone else can swim, you never know when something will happen, and everyone needs to get out of the water as soon as possible.

12. Always Have a Safety Plan

Last but not least, always have a safety plan. Keep in mind that hunting from a boat can be dangerous, and things may happen that you cannot control. Thus, it is important to remember the tips mentioned here so you are prepared for anything that might arise.


Hunting from a boat can be an intense and exciting experience. However, it is also more dangerous than hunting on land. Thus, you should always keep safety in mind when preparing to go out on the water. From checking equipment to making sure everyone knows how to swim, there are lots of safety precautions that you should take when hunting from a boat. Make sure to keep the tips mentioned above in mind, and you should be just fine out on the water.

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